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Research Information

Applications are encouraged for these awards from all BVOA members. Any project that will advance the subject of veterinary orthopaedics will be considered.

  1. A sum of up to £10,000 is available to fund clinical veterinary orthopaedic research, which must be completed within 2 years of acceptance.
  2. The principal investigator must be a member of BVOA, and have been a member for at least 12 months prior to submitting their application for an award.
  3. There is no deadline for submission of applications, these are welcomed at anytime throughout the year.
  4. Application forms can be downloaded from the bottom of this page and should be submitted to the Scientific Secretary of the BVOA by e-mail
  5. Applications of not more than two sides of A4 (size 12 font) to include the following headings:
    • Name and address of principal investigator
    • Name of person(s) to carry out the work
    • Introduction comprising brief literature review and work which has led up to the project
    • Materials and methods
    • Data collection and analyses
    • Potential benefits including likely number of publications
    • Duration and timetable for research
    • Budget and costings (salaries and overheads will not be paid)
  6. All applications will be subject, in the first instance, to blinded double peer review under the direction of the Scientific Secretary of the BVOA. Recommendations will then be made to the BVOA Executive Committee and applicants will be informed of the outcome.
  7. Recipients of BVOA clinical research awards will provide a written report of progress to the Scientific Secretary of the BVOA every 6 Months (1st March and 1st October) until completion of the project. 
  8. Recipients of BVOA clinical research awards will be expected to present the results of the work at a meeting of the BVOA by one of the following routes:
    • a) Submitted as a BVOA clinical research abstract for presentation at a meeting (preferred).
    • b) Output from a BVOA funded grant may be presented as a research abstract at another scientific meeting, such as ECVS, with prior permission and at the discretion of the executive committee. If deemed appropriate by the committee the following must be fulfilled:
      • i) BVOA funding must be clearly acknowledged
      • ii) The presentation must be re-presented as an update communication at a BVOA meeting.
      • iii) It is not possible to submit as a BVOA abstract in addition.
  9. The house journal is Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology and awardees are strongly encouraged to submit work funded by BVOA for publication in this journal.

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