BVOA Statement on Specialisation

BVOA Position

​As of BVOA executive committee meeting 12.1.2018, BVOA’s position is that:

Given the current and foreseeable shortage of specialist surgeons, the uncertainty of the effect of ‘Brexit’ on the UK specialist population and the access limitations of the ECVS diploma program, there is a need for a UK based modern RCVS DSAS type Diploma. The characteristics of the qualification would include –

  • High quality rigorous and in depth training programme followed by robust and defensible examination
  • Access via alternate-track style for suitably experienced and qualified surgeons wishing to pursue specialist status
  • Study is envisaged over a minimum 3-5 year period, but the program would be sufficiently flexible to allow part time engagement or career breaks over a longer period.
  • Such a qualification should ultimately be recognised by the RCVS to achieve RCVS recognised specialist status as DSAS, ECVS and ACVS qualifications are currently.

As such the committee will engage in a process with interested relevant parties to investigate what is possible to satisfy this goal.

Debate at Autumn meeting 2018

Details of presentation here
Letter to ECVS

BVOA Committee Statement 10/06/19 – Situation update

“Further to the BVOA’s recent discussion on the specialisation debate, BVOA formally approached ECVS to enquire as to the possibility of ECVS making their alternate programmes more available (in the UK) to address the problems of limited availability. We have received a lengthy and detailed response from ECVS; the short version is that they will not be able to increase the availability of alternate training programmes in the UK. BVOA committee has discussed this response at our June committee meeting, and come to the decision that we are not in a position to progress the specialisation debate any further. The RCVS will not re-introduce their Diplomas therefore it is likely that improved access to Diploma qualification will come through limited increased availability of ECVS approved residencies in private / corporate referral practices.”