Total Hip Replacement Registry

Canine Total Hip Replacement Registry

In 2008, Professor John Innes, University of Liverpool, established the Canine Total Hip Replacement Registry. BVOA endorses and has sponsored the project, and the University of Liverpool hosts the database and website which is now curated by Professor Eithne Comerford.

The purpose of the registry is to collect data at a central database from each and every Total Hip Replacement that is implanted in the UK – i.e. dog signalment and type of hip replacement implanted. Follow-up data can be provided in the future if a dog’s hip replacement suffers complications. The purpose is to be able to compare hip replacements in dogs – i.e. to analyse outcomes data. It is anticipated that such outcomes data will be formatted and presented as an annual report to BVOA, and as peer-reviewed publications when appropriate. There has currently been one publication generated from this work (Forster, Veterinary Surgery, 2012) and another close to submission (Henderson, May 2015).

The use of such registries for Total Hip Replacement in people is relatively commonplace. Please be assured that the purpose of this registry is not to compare the outcomes from, or complication rates associated with individual surgeons or particular centres; such analysis will never be performed.

So if you or your clinic are involved in performing Total Hip Replacements in dogs in the UK then please register, we encourage you to become part of the exercise and submit your Total Hip Replacement records. In the first instance and to register, please email Professor Eithne Comerford at or