External Research Projects

Feline Patellar Fracture and Dental Anomaly Syndrome (PaDS)

Study group investigating Feline Patellar Fractures and Dental Anomaly Syndrome (PADS). Previously known as Knees and Teeth Syndrome (KATS).
Headed by Prof Sorrel Langley-Hobbs at Bristol University.

Feline patellar fracture and retained deciduous teeth syndrome is a rare condition in which affected cats develop spontaneous fracture of their patellae (knee caps). Often the deciduous (milk) teeth do not fall out normally and a high proportion of affected cats develop spontaneous fractures in other bones.

We are carrying out research to find out the underlying cause of this condition. This will then enable the development of optimal treatment strategies.
Patellar fracture and Dental anomaly Syndrome (PaDS)

Newfoundland Cranial Cruciate Disease Study

The University of Liverpool Veterinary School has a project to identify the causative gene(s) of cruciate disease in Newfoundlands, with the aim of developing and implicating breeding strategies to reduce the incidence of the disease. The phase of data collection is now complete and analysis is underway.

Further details from the University of Liverpool website.