Constitution 2010 – updated 06/04/17

The name of this charitable organisation shall be the British Veterinary Orthopaedic Association, hereinafter referred to as The BVOA.


The objects of the charity shall be:

  • The collection and dissemination of information to persons concerned with the welfare of animals with orthopaedic disorders.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of veterinary orthopaedics and related matters.
  • To initiate, introduce, develop and supervise educational programmes to advance the knowledge of those persons involved in the study or practise of veterinary orthopaedics.
  • To stimulate and promote research with the prime aim of improving the welfare of animals with orthopaedic disorders.
  • To establish an expertise in veterinary orthopaedics in the United Kingdom able to provide informed advice to interested parties on matters involving veterinary orthopaedics.
  • To provide co-operation with other veterinary associations.


In addition to any other powers that they have, the trustees may exercise the following powers in furtherance of their objects:

  • Power to raise funds and to invite and receive contributions in the furtherance of the trust’s objectives.
  • Power to dispose of funds in pursuance of the main objectives of the trust.
  • Power to buy, take on or lease or exchange, any property, and to maintain it and equip it for use by the charity.
  • Power to borrow money and to mortgage all, or any part of the trust’s property as security for repayment of the money borrowed subject to complying with the restrictions on mortgages imposed by section 38 of the Charities Act 1993.
  • Power to do all lawful things as are necessary for the achievements of the objects.


Membership of the BVOA shall be open to any veterinary surgeons upon payment of the annual subscription. Associate membership shall also be open to other interested persons who are duly proposed and seconded by BVOA members. Associate members have voting rights but cannot stand for election onto the Executive Committee. The subscription is due on the 1st November of each year and covers a 12 month period to November the following year. The cost of subscription is to be reviewed at regular intervals and is set by the Treasurer of BVOA. Amendment of this fee shall be approved at the AGM by a majority of members present.

Honorary membership can be bestowed upon any individual at the discretion of the Executive Committee. This is to be an exceptional honour awarded only to someone that has made an outstanding contribution to the study of small animal orthopaedics or for outstanding service to the BVOA. This category of membership entitles those individuals to free membership of BVOA and free registration to all BVOA meetings.

Membership of BVOA may be terminated if by means of his/her actions a member is adjudged by the Executive Committee to have brought the veterinary profession or the BVOA into disrepute. The individual (together with an independent silent witness) has the right to be heard prior to a final decision being made.


The BVOA is a non-profit making organisation. Its expenses shall be met by:

  1. Annual subscription
  2. Donation from companies and other organisations
  3. Income from BVOA educational meetings and materials.

Any excess of income over expenditure shall be safely invested and serve as a reserve.

The Treasurer has overall responsibility for the finances of BVOA but control of outgoing monies will be held jointly with the Chairman and Past Chairman. The Treasurer will ensure that up to date financial records are kept and will present a Treasurer’s report at the AGM. The Treasurer will appoint an accountant approved by the Executive Committee and arrange preparation of annual statements of account. An annual report will be prepared and forwarded together with statements of account to the Charities Commission. The BVOA will have one central bank account under the joint control of the current Treasurer but monitored by the Chairman and past Chairman. As of 6.4.2017, payments under £1000 may be approved by the treasurer alone. Payments over £1000 are approved by the treasurer and either the Chairman or past Chairman

Committee Structure

The BVOA will be run by an Executive Committee.

This Committee will comprise 9 BVOA members:

  1. Chairman (2 yrs)
  2. Past Chairman (2 yrs)
  3. Vice Chairman (2 yrs)
  4. Secretary (3 yrs)
  5. Treasurer (3 yrs)
  6. Vice Treasurer (1 year)
  7. Scientific Secretary (3 yrs)
  8. Education Secretary (3 yrs & 1 yr caretaker)
  9. Member at Large (3 yrs)

Normally the Vice Chairman will become the next Chairman and then the Past Chairman whilst the Vice Treasurer will become the next Treasurer. Thus the posts of Chairman, Past Chairman and Treasurer will not normally be elected. The remaining members will be elected to serve their terms via a postal ballot of the membership. The responsibility for the elections lies with the Secretary and the election timetable will comprise:

  1. A call for nominations for Executive Committee positions in the autumn.
  2. A postal ballot in late January.
  3. A count and announcement of results at the AGM.

The standing Executive Committee shall endeavour to ensure that a minimum of two suitable candidates for each vacant post are available for election. Should only one candidate be nominated for a position, the Executive Committee shall have the discretion to propose that candidate for election at the AGM. Should no nominations be received by the Executive Committee, they may co-opt a member in a “caretaker role” until such time as a member is elected at the next AGM.

The Member at Large has responsibility for a biannual newsletter to the membership informing them of forthcoming meetings, recent advances in Orthopaedics and general membership information updates.

The role of the Scientific Secretary, with the help of the Executive Committee, is to formulate collaborative research projects within BVOA and to encourage, by the awarding of funding, projects which advance current knowledge of veterinary orthopaedics. Normally, the BVOA will only fund research within the UK and Ireland carried out by someone who has been a member of the association for a minimum of one year. Additional members may be co-opted onto the Committee as necessary. Members of the BVOA may be co-opted by the Scientific Secretary to conduct investigations or projects under the auspices of the BVOA. Any publications arising from these projects shall use the address of the BVOA and acknowledge the financial assistance given. The Scientific Secretary shall be elected for a period of three years but may be re-elected for a second term.


The role of the Education Secretary, with the help of the Executive Committee, is to arrange and co-ordinate continuing education courses. They will promote continuing professional development within the BVOA and liaise with other organisations to provide joint courses for the benefit of BVOA members. Additional members may be co-opted on to committee to help organise specific meetings. The Education Secretary shall be elected for a period of three years but may be re-elected for a second term. They are responsible for organising the Spring and Autumn BVOA Scientific Meetings. As agreed and as of the 2016 AGM, the education secretary will stay on for an additional 1 year caretaker year at the end of the 3 year term.

The Scientific and Education Secretaries will report to the Executive Committee at least twice yearly.


The BVOA shall meet twice a year, in the Spring and the Autumn. The Annual General Meeting will be held on the day of the Spring Meeting. It has the following duties:

  1. To determine and update the Constitution
  2. To elect Officers and Auditors
  3. To receive the Treasurer’s report
  4. To approve membership subscription fees for the coming year.

Any member of BVOA attending the AGM is eligible to vote. A motion will be carried by a simple majority.

In general, meetings shall comprise papers describing original work, review papers and case presentations. Poster presentations prepared by BVOA members may be requested. The suitability of these will be determined by the Education and Scientific Secretaries.

The date and timing of the AGM will be announced at the preceding AGM and confirmed in writing to the membership giving a minimum 60 days notice. Special or Emergency meetings may be called providing the membership is given a minimum of 30 days notice of attendance.

The Constitution may be amended at the AGM by a resolution passed by a majority of members present via a vote from the floor provided the amendment was tabled in the meeting agenda. A quorum comprising 10% of the membership must participate in the vote and for resolutions which propose to change the aims of BVOA this figure is increased to 20% of the membership.

The members of the Executive Committee are all trustees of the BVOA and will meet at least twice yearly.

Except with the prior written approval of the Charity Commission no Trustee may:

  1. Receive any benefit in money or in kind from the charity – unless simply as an honorarium (at standard rates) for a presentation to a BVOA Scientific meeting to which the Trustee has been invited to speak.
  2. Have a personal financial interest in the supply of goods or services to the charity.


If the Executive Committee, by a simple majority, decides at any time that on the ground of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Association, it shall call a meeting of all members of the Association who have the power to vote. Not less than 60 day’s notice (stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be given for the meeting. If such decision shall be confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at such meeting the Executive Committee shall have power to dispose of any assets held by or on behalf of the Association. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other charitable institution or institutions having objects similar to the objects of the Association as the Executive Committee may determine.

If you have any questions or comments about the BVOA or this website please contact the BVOA Administrator.